Welcome my friend,

I am excited that You found the way to my site . A page that is dedicated to the rememberance of Y-OUR Divine nature. 

It is my uttermost pleasure to create a space for You where You can excperience LOVE, INTIMACY & CONNECTION.

Is there anything more beautiful & fulfilling ?

Since 2002 I am on the path of Meditation , Yoga & Selfrealization . In 2007 I discovered TANTRA & I knew immediately this was my missing piece in a previous life of Yogic ascetism .

The Devotion towards the great spirit became as important as the Love towards my own body & my desires . They showed me what aspects of myself I was denying & rejecting and where I could find more of my true , authentic SELF .

I realized the profound connection of Sexual Energy & Spirituality , that GOD / GODDESS is living in my LIfe / sexual force  and that my greatest service to Humanity is to be an example of that Realization . I started to create spaces in which all of us could experience the SOVEREIGN SACREDNESS of this exciting , erotic CONSCIOUSNESS & ONENESS Energy .

In 2013 I was initiated into the DIVINE FEMININE Teachings of MARY MAGDALÈNE . She bacame my Mentor , and I went on a sacred pilgrimage to south of France. After living in Paris already in 2011 and than returning to Germany , I than decided to go back to Paris and establish the work of MAGDALÈNE TANTRA .

Within a few month my work as a TANTRIC MASSAGE Therapist & Coach became well known & clients from all over the world found their way to this unique approach of SEXUALITY & SPIRITUALITY being unifyied in this graceful Manner  .

Later on I expanded my work online to assist Women & Men in aligning with their Divinine Feminine  & with their Divine Masculine aspects through TANTRA Life Coaching .

May You too find the stream of alignment with Your soul & Higher Self and  if I can assist You in this wonderful  journey ,please  feel free to inquire with a message about the procedure .

I am honoured to guide & assist You on this journey of REMEMBERANCE as a Mentor , Teacher & a FRIEND.

with LOVE