SANDRA KOKIC is a Tantric Teacher & Spiritual Mentor, assisting Individuals & groups in the Embodiment & Reclamation process of their Erotic Sovereign Essence.

She is the founder & creator of MAGDALÈNE TANTRA, Sacred Feminine Teachings that assist in the Reconciliation of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energies .

MAGDALÈNE TANTRA  was established in Berlin in 2013 and continued to be anchored in Paris , France a few months later.

The unique approach of fusioning Sexuality & Spirituality in this sensual & artistic way, reveales the exquisitely graceful source of her inspiration & guidance :

MARY MAGDALÈNE - She who fueles these Divine Feminine Christ Empowerment teachings .


As a visionary Artist , Sandra creates healing spaces for Women through Workshops where She fusions Tantra with visual storytelling. 


She is guiding Women through the process of Reclamation & Empowerment while making the Divine Feminine Energies  visible & able to be experienced through Video & Media .

It is Sandra's deep seeded intention to awaken the divine spark , the sensual life force within the collective consciousness and to celebrate this life giving energy as an expression of the Divine .

Her work is inviting You to unite on a soul level, to find union within Yourself and to go out into this world, to BE & demonstrate this Radiance in Your everyday life .

She sees Art as an essential language to make Source / Sophia / Christ Consciousness visible & being felt , beyond any forms or rules.

This is an invitation for You to join the rising & shining of Your Sovereign Light and to meet with Her , soul to soul in this ecstatic, orgasmic &  joyful 

D A N C E .